Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Riders Stranded On Cheetah Hunt As Inclement Weather Approaches

Around 2:30 PM on Wednesday afternoon, the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster malfunctioned stranding 16 unlucky park guests halfway between the first and second launch sequences of the ride. With inclement weather approaching, Cheetah Hunt ride workers alerted the Busch Gardens mechanical team to come out to the ride site and assess the situation. The mechanical team tried to push the ride vehicle backwards to the first launch sequence so the ride could re-initiate itself, but the ride vehicle did not budge! With the mechanical team's plan of action failing, the Tampa Bay Fire Department was called to the park to assist with the evacuation of the guests from the ride vehicle.  

As time passed, the inclement weather neared the park and Busch Gardens distributed ponchos to the stranded guests to keep them dry throughout the frustrating ordeal. Eventually, the rain started pouring and the Tampa Bay firefighters were forced to evacuate guests from the ride in the pouring Florida rain! 

Two and a half hours later, all guests were safely evacuated from the ride vehicle and thankfully, no injuries were reported!

In the end of this terrifying ordeal, all guests, maintenance workers, and rescue workers walked away unharmed with quite the story to tell their family and friends! These types of incidents are very rare, but when they do occur, the Busch Gardens team handles them with the utmost professionalism. I congratulate them for doing just that!

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