Monday, March 24, 2014

Pantopia's Painted Camel Bazaar Now Open!

This past Friday, Pantopia's Painted Camel Bazaar opened its doors for business! Originally scheduled to open a few weeks before Falcons Fury, The Painted Camel was finished ahead of schedule and opened to the public a month in advance! The BGT Buzz was at the park this Saturday to give you a look inside this new shop.
Before we take a look inside, I'd like to point out a few things about the exterior of The Painted Camel. As with the rest of Pantopia, the Painted Camel received a new paint job featuring bright & vibrant colors that reflect the story of this new land.
Some decorative items such as these rugs have been placed on the outside of the building making the themeing of this area world class!
As we move inside and take a look at all of the new merchandise, be sure to pay close attention to some items & props that may have been used from other shops & events throughout the park. This is a great place for enthusiasts to test their knowledge about the park!
The range of merchandise at The Painted Camel is truly stunning. They carry everything from your standard theme park knick knacks to some very expensive handcrafted jewelry. The shop also features various pieces for the home such as decorative pillows, wind chimes, and a set of the keys that once unlocked the gates to Pantopia! The pictures below feature a small portion of the merchandise that can be found at The Painted Camel.
Wow, I'm really impressed with this new gift shop! I think the close attention paid to details makes this one of the best gift shops throughout the entire park. If you're interested in visiting The Painted Camel Bazaar, be sure to stop by on your next visit to the park. It's truly worth a visit!
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