Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Falcons Fury Currently Testing & Nearing Completion!

As of this past Saturday, Busch Gardens' engineers along with engineers from Intamin have been hard at work rigorously testing Falcons Fury for its upcoming opening. Engineers have been testing all aspects of the ride including the accent, seat rotation, decent, and braking of the ride vehicle. The majority of issues that were reported at the beginning of the month have been resolved and all that's left are a few more finishing touches & an official opening date that will be released by park officials.

There have been reports of actual people riding the attraction, but it's most likely park engineers riding for testing purposes. The park recently released a short POV video of Falcons Fury that gives viewers the experience of riding the attraction. You can check out the video in the area below.

Later on, we took a peek inside the ride area and noticed the queue has been fully installed as well as the main signage for the ride itself. Workers were hard at work paving walkways around the perimeter of the ride as well as paving some areas further in. The ride will exit through the Twisted Tails Pretzel Bakery as there isn't a direct gift shop linked to the ride. As we find out more information on our next visits to the park, we'll give you the latest information as soon as we can!

The Main Attraction Signage Lies Beyond The Construction Walls.

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