Sunday, April 27, 2014

Falcons Fury & Pantopia Nearing Completion!

Busch Gardens' newest land is almost ready for its debut! Scheduled to open May 1st, Pantopia will feature brand new culinary hot spots, exotic shopping opportunities, and so much more! The majority of construction walls throughout the land have been taken down, and finishing touches are currently being made. The BGT Buzz was at the park this Saturday to bring you an updated look inside Pantopia and the surrounding area. Check out our blog post below featuring over 15 photos of the new land!
New pieces of artwork have started popping up near the main entrance to the land. Items that reflect the story of Pantopia such as dragons and monkeys can be found on these walls. Crews were still painting and placing decorations on the walls later throughout the day.
  New mosaic tile designs have been placed on the columns of the main entryway. Similar designs can also be found throughout the land on the sides of various buildings.  

The area adjacent to The Pantopia Grill recently opened revealing a newly painted and designed henna & face paint kiosk as well as a caricature kiosk. Right next door, Lynx Frozen Treats was recently revealed showing the bright blue building that will be home to all things frosty and refreshing. A few pieces of artwork such as the flowerpot bicycle lie between Lynx Frozen Treats and the brand new Dragonfire Grill. Dragonfire will serve up various meat products that can be enjoyed at the Pantopia Grill.
The Pantopia Grill itself received a few more decorative elements such as a new sign advertising "Pantopia Grill" rather than the old sign reading "Desert Grill". The Pantopia Grill also received new paint in the upper levels of the building.   
Two new sculptures have been revealed inside the land of Pantopia. The first is a chameleon that can be found near the entrance to Pantopia. The second sculptures are a cat and dog duo that can be found outside of the Pantopia Theater. The animal sculptures were made entirely from salvaged materials.
A small seating area has been added to this section of Pantopia to accommodate guests eating at Twisted Tails Pretzels.

New midway games themed to Pantopia have also opened. Falcons Freethrow and Pantopia Balloon Race are just a few that you can choose from.
Pantopia is scheduled to open May 1st, 2014.
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