Sunday, September 14, 2014

Howl-O-Scream At Busch Gardens Tampa : Construction Update (9-13-14)

As opening weekend for Howl-O-Scream 2014 is less than two weeks away, the final touches are being placed on each house. Also, the emergence of lighting rigs being installed around several walkways indicate potential locations for this year's unannounced scare zones. To find out more, check out our blog post below.

Zombie Mortuary

More props have been added to the Zombie Mortuary house. Firstly, the main entrance signage has been put up, but has subsequently remained covered throughout regular operating hours. While not visible from the ground, more props including signage to the "Russo Romero" mortuary remain tucked behind a wall of the Pantopia Theater. The "Russo Romero" sign usually gets put next to the main entrance to the house.

Dead Fall

Interestingly enough, the Tanganyika Tidal Wave ride is currently walled off for scheduled maintenance making me believe more work is being done on the Dead Fall house, which is located directly behind the Tidal Wave. From our last construction update article, we gave you a first look at the fa├žade of the house, but little is known about the interior of the house. 


The Basement

Not much has changed at the site of The Basement house. At the time we were taking pictures around the area. the back wooden gate of the house was open & technicians were moving in what seemed to be costume racks with black covers over the racks.

Blood Asylum

After a much awaited wait, the main signage for the Blood Asylum house has been put up.  Just like all other houses, the signage has been subsequently covered throughout park hours.

The Experiment

Also recently put up. the main signage for The Experiment house is now visible.

Zombie Containment Unit 15

The construction walls are down & ZCU 15 is now in plain sight. Barricades have been added near the main entrance with "Zombie Containment Unit 15" style caution tape spread across. A metal structure housing the Zombie Containment Unit 15 signage has also been revealed. Blood spatter has been added to the white tarps near the top of the house as well as some rusty looking pipes near the right hand side. Guests walking by cant help but to stop and stare for a good minute or two wondering why this strange looking building is in the middle of a theme park!

Scare Zone Locations

While scare zone information for this year's event hasn't been announced yet, we came across lighting rigs in the Nairobi area walkway (Near Nairobi Train Station). Last year this area was utilized as the "Pain Lane" scare zone, so we're pretty sure some sort of attraction will be put into this area. While still not announced yet, we'll keep you updated with the latest!
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