Saturday, April 4, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa Project 2016 : Construction Update #2

Work Continues On Busch Gardens Tampa's Rumored 2016 Attraction
We're back with the second installment of our "Project 2016 BGT" construction update series. From our last visit to the construction site, many changes have occurred! For a detailed construction update with over 10 pictures & up-to-date information, be sure to check out our blog post below.
First and foremost, new construction barriers have been erected near the Cheetah Hunt railroad crossing into Edge Of Africa. This is mainly to hide the dug-up railroad tracks and piles of dirt that lie beyond the construction barriers.
Moving into Edge Of Africa, more construction vehicles are now becoming visible. Several large trucks as well as a backhoe are now visible inside the green fenced in area. 
According to our sources, the green fenced in area pictured below was built in order to keep curious critters away from the active project site. Currently, this particular area is being used for equipment and material storage. Specification wise, the green fenced in area spans across 7 acres of Busch Gardens' Serengeti Plain, however only 1 acre of the pictured area will be taken up for the 2016 attraction.
Looking beyond the construction walls and moving closer to the active project site, piles of dirt now occupy the space of the former Edge Of Africa guest walkway leading towards the Egypt area of the park. The decommissioned Egypt Train station still remains standing, but not for long as demolition remains a very likely possibility at this point in time. 
Moving towards the Crown Colony Restaurant, some unique views of the 2016 attraction construction site are visible from this area of the park.
That's it for this 2016 Busch Gardens Tampa Project update! We hope you enjoyed tagging along with us as we explored the 2016 Attraction site. For the latest coverage of Busch Gardens Tampa and the 2016 Attraction construction progress, we invite you to follow us on the following social media platforms. 
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