Saturday, April 25, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa Project 2016 : Construction Update #4

Rise Of The Ride Footers!
Were back with installment number four in our "BGT Project 2016" construction update series. Work progresses at the construction site of Busch Gardens Tampa's newest attraction, with visible progress being made on the "S" shaped trench and the start of construction on the ride footings. For an updated look at the project site with some exclusive pictures and information, be sure to check out our article in the area below.    
First and foremost, the construction walls leading into the Edge Of Africa from the Cheetah Hunt Plaza have been expanded, significantly narrowing the existing walkway. Behind the construction walls, work is being done on the railway lines that cross over onto the pedestrian walkway.

Moving towards the construction site itself, more steel pilings have been driven into the ground and are currently visible from the Edge Of Africa outlook. 

Over in the Egypt area of the park, the decommissioned train station still remains standing, now being used as a break area for construction workers.

Moving towards the Montu rollercoaster, two new structures have now appeared. The first structure, pictured furthest to the left, seems to be a new rockwork structure that also houses some sort of pipe or irrigation system. The structure to the right of that seems to be a newly cemented area, possibly for electrical housing.

Some interesting views of the project site can be seen from a higher vantage point. You can now clearly see the ride footings we mentioned earlier.

Visible from the Crown Colony Café balcony, an entire overview of the project site can be seen. You can now clearly see the steel pilings that were being driven into the ground throughout the past weeks.  
After some "digging", one of our sources brought some very interesting information to our attention. Our source noticed that the shape of the steel pilings driven into the ground very much resembles a certain element in the publicly filed blueprints with the SWFWMD. If you look closely, the "S" shape formed by the steel pilings is depicted in the blueprints within the yellow highlighted area. This now gives us a definite advantage & point-of-view as to where other elements of this project might be constructed! In addition, more foliage has been cleared from this area of the construction site, now revealing what seems to be more ride footings on the eastern side of the steel pilings. 
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  1. For an updated look at the project site with some exclusive pictures and information, be sure to check out our article in the area below.

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