Thursday, May 28, 2015

Special Edition : Cobra's Curse Media Event Recap!

Busch Gardens Confirms 2016 Attraction As "Cobra's Curse"
Big news out of Busch Gardens Tampa this morning! The unnamed 2016 attraction we've been covering for the past three months has finally been confirmed by park officials as "Cobra's Curse"! After much speculation within the theme park community, Busch Gardens Tampa finally confirmed the 2016 attraction at a media conference held at the park on May 28th. For a complete report from the media event with video, be sure to check out our coordinating article filled with tons of information regarding Cobra's Curse!
~Cobra's Curse Media Event Recap~
On May 28, 2015, members of the media were invited to Busch Gardens Tampa for a special announcement regarding their 2016 attraction. Within the days leading up to the announcement, several clues regarding the 2016 attraction surfaced. The clues hinted at a serpentine like theme and name for the ride. A publicly filed trademark request for the name "Cobra's Curse" surfaced, as well as the following concept art hinting a serpentine theme for the ride.
On the day of the event, we were greeted at the gates of Busch Gardens Tampa with a vile of dirt from the excavation dig site of the 2016 attraction. Once we moved inside the park, several members of Busch Gardens' Zoo Education team were stationed around the walkways holding various snakes.

After our walk to the attraction site, we were greeted by our excavation guide as well as Kelly Hornick, Marketing Manager & Consumer Activation Lead for Busch Gardens Tampa!
Once we entered the former Tut's Tomb attraction, several pieces of unique concept art were on display.


After taking a look at the concept art, we made our way to the presentation area where we waited for the start of the announcement. For a complete video of the 2016 attraction announcement, be sure to check out our video below!
After the official announcement from Jim Dean and Mike Denninger, members of the media were invited to explore the parameters of the construction site as well as interview park executives. 
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