Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa Project 2016 : Construction Update # 8

2016 Attraction Progresses Despite Frequent Inclement Weather!

We're back with construction update number eight in our continued coverage of Busch Gardens Tampa's 2016 attraction, Cobra's Curse. Since our last update two weeks ago, much has changed at the construction site of the attraction, and we're here to report the latest findings! To find out more, be sure to check out our latest construction update featuring over 10 new pictures and lots of new information.

With the seemingly constant presence of rain and inclement weather throughout the Tampa Bay area within the past few weeks, construction crews at the site of Cobra's Curse have been faced with the task of pumping excess water from the construction site using several generators. Construction crews have mainly been focusing on the area near the trench that the Serengeti Railway crosses over. On the day of our visit, crews could be seen removing water earlier in the morning, only to find a seemingly identical situation later in the evening.
On the far side of the construction site near the Montu rollercoaster, several of the existing Egyptian themed rockwork pieces have been transported to this area of the construction site. While we're still waiting on official word of what's to happen, it appears as though these rockwork pieces may eventually be repurposed once the Cobra's Curse attraction opens. 
Most obviously, large amounts of dirt have been excavated from the center of the construction site and moved to the perimeters in order to give crews optimum access to the projects they're currently working on underground. From what we've seen, it appears as though several large stacks of cement pipes can be spotted on the far side of the construction site which will likely tie into this underground work. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!
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