Monday, March 16, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa Project 2016 : Construction Update #1

In September of 2014, Busch Gardens Tampa filed permits with the City Of Tampa requesting permission to build its latest attraction, now being called "Project 2016". The new attraction is scheduled to be built in the Egypt area of the park near the former "Tut's Tomb" attraction. While specific details regarding the attraction have not been released yet, we've uncovered some speculations on what could be coming to the park. For more information, check out our article below.

On our latest visit to the park, we were able to uncover the latest speculations regarding Project 2016. As we approached the rumored project site, we discovered several Surveying Bench Marks (orange markers) placed in locations along the Serengeti Railway train tracks. According to the public blueprints uploaded to the Southwest Florida Water Management Districts site, the blueprints note the re-routing of the existing train tracks for further construction. As of March 16, the park publicly tweeted the following message regarding the temporary closure of the Serengeti Express.

While not officially confirmed by the park, one of our very reputable sources believes the train closure will span until May 20th. Please note this is purely speculation. 

Moving closer to the rumored project site, we came across construction barriers & mesh netting in the furthest corner of Edge Of Africa, closest to the railroad crossing into the Egypt area of the park, and the rumored project site. Many yards of mesh netting could be seen strung through the Edge Of Africa leading into the bird habitat & surrounding wading pool areas. If you look closely, it seems as though this walkway leads to some sort of boxed in area on the inside of the habitat.
All remains calm at the rumored attraction site, but the surrounding areas are definitely bustling with activity in preparations for Project 2016. Be sure to use #Project2016BGT when tweeting about Busch Gardens Tampa's newest attraction!
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